Costa Rica Auto Rentals

For travelers who prefer independence and flexibility or simply better access to hidden beaches, a rental car may be a good option for either the whole trip or just part of it. In general, rental cars are only a good option for adventure-minded travelers, who do not mind a few challenges along the way. Rental cars are generally not recommended for first time visitors to Costa Rica, because Costa Rica driving conditions can be intimidating and directional road signs are often missing. Nevertheless, with a positive, resilient, and adventurous outlook, as well as a good road map/GPS, first time visitors can successfully navigate the country.

We offer rental choices that include compact cars, full-size cars, compact 4WDs, full-size 4WDs, and vans. It is very important to have an idea of what destinations you plan on visiting in order to choose the best vehicle for your travel needs. Compact 4WD vehicles are the most popular rentals in Costa Rica, because they are economical, and they enable travelers to navigate the entire country. But depending on the number of passengers, travel destinations, and amount of luggage, a full-size 4WD or one of the other vehicle types may be more appropriate.

We work with multiple rental car providers so that we can offer a wide selection of vehicle models and pickup locations. Pickup locations include the San Jose and Liberia International Airports as well as dozens of destinations throughout Costa Rica. We have outlined destinations with rental car agencies on our Car Rental Map for Costa Rica. However, for an additional fee the rental car can be delivered to whereever you would like to begin your rental.